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The Woodlands High School Highlander Speed: Cross Country and Track & Field Policy

The following are the guidelines we will use for the Highlander Cross County and Track & Field Teams. It is necessary for every athlete to understand and observe these requirements since they will help create team unity and ensure good communication between the team members, coaches, and parents. These requirements, along with the CISD Student Code of Conduct and the TWHS & TWHS 9th Grade Campus Student Handbook, apply to ALL members of the Cross County and Track & Field Teams, both in and out of season.


I. Eligibility

A medical physical (updated yearly) must be on file with the coaches and trainer. These are due the first week of summer training and/or the first week of school if the student athlete did not train with the team during the summer. These must be completed on the appropriate CISD physical form and cannot be dated earlier than May of the prior year. All online forms (Rank One) must be completed also.


Student athletes must maintain grades above 70% in ALL classes to be eligible to participate in any athletic program. It is our expectation that all of our student/athletes will devote the time and attention necessary to be successful academically.


Consistent ineligibility through the 1st or 2nd semester will result in dismissal from the class.


II. Behavior Expectations/Attitude

Athletes participating in the Highlander XC/T&F program are expected to conduct themselves in a positive, courteous and team-oriented manner throughout the year. This includes, but is not limited to: the classroom, hallways, busses, practice, meets, and in the community. Respect and tolerance for all athletes, coaches, officials, teachers, bus drivers, students, parents and fans is the expectation. Additionally, student-athletes are expected to maintain a positive attitude throughout the year regardless of team assignment or other issues. Defiance and disrespect will not be tolerated.


Consequences for violation of this policy may include reprimands, extra- conditioning, meet suspensions, behavioral contracts, removal from XC/T&F Class and/or removal from the entire XC/T&F program.


III. Phone/Electronic Devices

Phones and other electronic devices have seeped into everyday life on campus. Policing phone use on campus is an impossible task. In athletic locker rooms use of phones or any recording devices should be done so with responsible intentions. At no time should a student be caught filming or taking pictures in a locker room.


Doing so will result in notification of CISD police, TWHS administration and team consequences of the most extreme. (*you will be dismissed from the team!) There will be no phones/iPods/listening devices during warmups, practices, weight room or any other team activity (unless coaches deem it is necessary). It is important that athletes be able to hear instruction to help keep them safe and make for a great learning environment. Phones, iPpods, etc may be brought out and kept in the athlete’s bag but will not be worn during training.


IV. Work Ethic/“Coach-ability”


Highlander XC/T&F team members are expected to participate in the program with commitment, focus, and desire. Athletes are expected to learn and be “coach-able,” to assimilate instructions and be mature enough to accept constructive criticism. This includes all areas of training. Consequences for violation are the same as described in Section II.



V. Attendance Expectations

Attendance at practice is critical for success; therefore, athletes are expected to attend all practices – before, during, and after school. Athletes are expected to be punctual and be prepared for workouts with proper workout clothing and shoes (i.e., shorts, T-shirts, socks, running shoes, flats, spikes, etc.). During school hours the school tardy policy will be strictly adhered to. Each athlete should make sure to provide adequate time to travel from class to the locker room. Please note that practice schedules can change during the season. This can include early morning, late evening, and/or weekend practices.

If you are absent (or know you will be absent) from practice before, during, and/or after school due to illness or unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances you MUST notify Coach Green, or an Assistant Coach (, or call 936-709-1031) as soon as possible. It is critical that we know you are absent so we can adjust our plans accordingly- especially during season.

If a practice is missed, the athlete may be withheld from the subsequent meet. During season, for every practice missed, there will be a deduction in an athlete’s grade (~5%). Consistent absences from practice will result in removal from the team.


**If for any reason you will be absent on a meet day (due to emergency or unexpected illness) you MUST notify Coach Green via phone as soon as possible (cell: 936-689-1929). It is not acceptable to just “tell a friend;” you MUST contact Coach Green verbally. If no excuse or prior notice is given, consequences (see Section II) will occur.


VI. Injury/Illness/Training Room

If an athlete has an illness or injury, a doctor’s or a parent note- including signature, phone number, date and reason- must be given to the coach and training room. HOWEVER, an athlete is still expected to dress in appropriate workout attire –AND-attend all practices to earn their full daily grade. Failure to dress out, even when legitimately injured or sick, will result in points deducted from the athlete’s grade. If an athlete must see a trainer, it is required that they check in with their coach first. The athlete must then sign in with the trainer.


If an athlete must see a doctor for an illness or injury, they are required to bring a doctor’s note to the training room that indicates the injury or illness, any rehabilitation and/or medication directions, and when the athlete should be cleared. An additional doctor’s note indicating an athlete is cleared is required for an athlete to be allowed to practice again after they have been in a doctor’s care. These forms can be obtained from the training room.


VII. Uniforms/Equipment/Facilities

Uniforms/Equipment: It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep up with their issued clothing and equipment at ALL times. We are not responsible for stolen or lost items! It is each athlete’s responsibility to keep up with their equipment, whether at school or at a meet. Each issued item is to be returned at the end of the season- clean and undamaged.

ATHLETES & PARENTS WILL BE HELD FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL ARTICLES ISSUED! (Replacement costs for damaged or missing items ranges from $50-$120 per item)


Facilities: All athletes are to respect the facilities provided for them, whether at TWHS, TWHS 9th, or another school or facility. Athletes are expected to clean up after themselves, throw away their trash, place wet towels and dirty clothes in the hamper or take dirty clothes home to wash.

Each Athlete is issued a locker and is EXPECTED TO USE IT. Remember- CISD, TWHS, TWHS 9th, nor any coach is responsible for stolen items. Any valuables that do not fit in your locker and are left out, are not the schools’ liability and are left out at their own risk. You may keep these items in Coach Green’s office during practice time, or take them out to the workout area (whether it be the track, turf, or field) with you. However, those areas are not ‘completely’ secure.


VIII. Dress Code

All athletes are expected to dress in appropriate work-out attire for practice. This includes shorts, t-shirt and running shoes.

Consequences for any violation of dress code are the same as in Section II.



IX. Grading Procedure

Athletes will be given a numerical grade at the end of each 3 weeks progress reporting time and a permanent semester numerical grade at the conclusion of the semester. The TWHS & TWHS 9th athletic policy allows coaches to assign weekly grades based on participation and dress guidelines. Failure to turn in required paperwork, participate in class, attend practices, or dress in appropriate attire may result in weekly point deductions.


X. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco/Hazing/Cheating/Truancy/& Behavior Problems (No Tolerance!) During an athlete’s sports career, they are expected NOT to: possess, abuse, use, consume, give, buy, or sell any amount of alcohol, tobacco, drug, illegal drug paraphernalia, or any controlled substance.


Consequences for any violation in this area may include: extra conditioning, meet suspension, and/or suspension from the cross country and track & field program. This is in addition to any consequences enforced upon the athlete as outlined in the TWHS student handbook.


The general policy of the Highlander XC and T&F program for drug/alcohol/tobacco use/hazing/truancy/& behavior problems is a follows:

An issuance of a Minor in Possession may result in 2 meet suspensions with additional conditioning workouts. A second offense within the same year may result in removal of the team. Proof of alcohol consumption or illicit drug possession may result in 5 meet suspensions, and/or 15 hours of community service, and/or removal from the team.

Proof of hazing, cheating, truancy, stealing, or other behavior problems will carry the same consequences as an MIP, as well as the possibility of removal from the team.


XI. Team Placement

The Highlander Track & Field and XC programs are divided into three teams: Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. For Boys and for Girls, Junior Varsity and Varsity, there is no Freshmen Division in the girls. It is the coaches’ decision as to what team an athlete will compete. Seniors are not automatically placed on the Varsity level. Team placement is ultimately the coaches’ decision and will be based not only on work ethic and “coach-ability,” but also on where we see an athlete as being most valuable team-wise. Team placements are subject to change week by week and are not guaranteed. XII. Citizenship Citizenship in the context of our athletic community is a cornerstone of our values, reflecting a commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment. We expect all our athletes to embody the principles of good sportsmanship and treat others with dignity and kindness. This includes refraining from engaging in any form of hate speech, discrimination, or disrespectful behavior. As proud members of TWHS community, we recognize that our actions extend beyond the track or field. Upholding the ideals of citizenship means actively promoting a culture of positivity, hard work, inclusivity, understanding, and teamwork. It is incumbent upon each individual to contribute to the collective spirit of Highlander Speed in a positive way. We want to demonstrate not only skill and prowess but also exemplary character. Through the lens of citizenship, we aim to create an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of differences. In embracing this ethos, we build a foundation that transcends competition, fostering lasting connections and a shared sense of belonging among all participants.


XIII. Grievance Procedure

Should an athlete have a complaint or issue regarding practice, teammates, coaches or any other team related issue during the year, she/he is expected to discuss the issue with the event coach first. It is highly suggested that an athlete speak with their coach first before involving their parents. If a problem or grievance still persists, the parent should contact the coach, and then set up a conference if appropriate. If there is still no resolution, a meeting will be set up with the head coach, student-athlete, parents, and assistant athletic director. The following is the order in which grievances are heard: event coach, head coach, assistant athletic director, athletic director, Principal.



I have read, understand, and agree to the above rules and regulations of The Woodlands XC and T&F programs. By signing this agreement, I will abide by these rules.

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